Installing PyPOP


The major prerequisite for PyPOP is that the Paramedir and Dimemas tools are installed and available on the path.

These can be obtained from the BSC tools project along with instructions for their installation.

These must be available on the system PATH (Linux $PATH or Windows %PATH% variables) so that they can be found by PyPOP.


PyPOP is designed to be installed using pip the Python package manager.

This will install both pypop and any required dependencies which are not currently installed.

To install from the github repository do one of the following:

Directly install using pip

Instruct pip to install by downloading directly:

$ pip install [--user] git+

The optional --user directive instructs pip to install to the users home directory instead of the system site package directory.

Clone then install

Alternatively, the repository can first be cloned, then the package installed:

$ git clone
$ cd pypop
$ pip install [--user] .